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Call for Workshop Proposals Open: December 1, 2018
Workshop Proposal Deadline: February 1, 2019 (no extensions)
Notification of Acceptance: March 1, 2019

Workshops will be conducted in three sessions on the morning and afternoon of Tuesday, September 24, 2019 and on the morning of Wednesday, September 25, 2019 (Please note that this date and the number of sessions held are subject to change.) The program committee is committed to offering attendees a diverse selection of educational opportunities. Proposals are expected to be evidence based when possible but may also relay the opinions of our esteemed experts.

The Workshop Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the program committee on the selection of workshops for the 2019 joint meeting. The Workshop Committee includes members of both societies.

Proposals with an emphasis on interactivity and hands-on components will be scored higher. Workshops sharing practical knowledge that is relevant to the day-to-day work of our members is also a priority. Ways to include interactive components into your workshop proposal include group exercises such as presenting difficult case studies for groups to solve, debates, roundtables, and active demonstrations of ideas or concepts.  

NOTE: Please complete the online proposal form and be sure to identify all necessary materials and supplies as well as room setup needs as requests. Requests for materials and supplies will not be considered after the proposal has been accepted.


  • The workshop subject matter should be generic, varied, and unbiased; it should not promote a single product.
  • Multiple workshop proposals may be submitted by the same author, but please recognize that the workshop committee seeks to identify a variety of workshops for the meeting.
  • A workshop may have a maximum of two (2) chairpersons and up to 3 faculty or one (1) chair and 4 faculty. One contact person should be designated in the application. The only exception to this rule is when the program committee has decided to merge two or more workshops. Proposals with more than a combination of 5 faculty/chairpersons will not be considered by the Workshop Subcommittee.
  • All faculty must be confirmed to participate in your workshop prior to including them in your proposal.
  • All faculty members need to fill out a COI form before a submission could be completed.
  • The workshop committee reserves the right to amend applications or suggest changes in speakers in order to maintain the scientific merit and diversity of the workshop program.
  • The workshop committee may suggest that similar workshop proposals be combined in order to avoid the repetition of topics and to maximize attendance.
  • Together the workshop committee and the program committee may solicit proposals for workshops that fill void in areas of interest to the society membership.
  • Two types of workshops can be proposed: Hands-On and Interactive Seminar.
    • HANDS-ON:  These types of workshops will involve attendees participating in physical hands-on interaction as well as discussion (e.g. surgical technique practices using animal tissue).
    • INTERACTIVE SEMINAR: These types of workshops are mainly lecture-based. However, chairs are highly encouraged to promote discussion and audience interactivity. Those that demonstrate interactive principles will be scored higher.  
  • Each workshop should be conducted in 4 hours.
  • Applications must detail any special requirements such as technology, room setup, special electrical current or anatomical specimens for practical demonstrations. Any requests not included in the proposal and that are presented later will not be considered.  All requests are subject to approval.


Chair/Co-Chair/Course Directors guidelines (if selected)

  • Chairpersons/course directors and faculty will have free access to the workshop in which they are speaking. They will be responsible to pay for meeting registration and other workshop registration fees if they choose to attend.
  • There will be no honoraria or travel funding for workshop chairs or faculty.
  • It is the responsibility of the chair to inform the meeting office of any changes to an accepted proposal. The Workshop Subcommittee reserves the right to review any substantive changes, which may lead to cancellation of the workshop.
  • Chairpersons/course directors must be free of scheduling conflicts during their workshop. For example, they must not accept requests to speak at additional workshops during the same session in which theirs is held. 
  • Chairpersons/course directors agree to organize the content and logistics of their workshop and communicate activities with their faculty. Failure to do so will affect the acceptance of workshops at future annual meetings.

For any questions to these guidelines please contact



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